How A Script Determines The Whole Play

A group of people who will bring a script into the form of staging, of course, must know everything that is in the script. They must understand how the story will be told; what is the theme, how is the storyline, how is the character of the characters, where is the story setting, what properties are needed, and so on. After that, then they follow the lines that have been set by the director as the director of behavior. Browse these acting scripts for ideas for solo drama performances if you are looking for reliable sources of scripts. From these illustrations, it can be seen how the position of the script in a staging activity.

The script has a position as a source of stories that must be interpreted by interpreters (staging relatives) before the performance. The results of interpretations of this written form will later be translated into oral and behavioral presentations. The function of the script is to inspire interpreters so that they can display maximum work creativity in the staging process. As a source of stories that will be realized in the form of stage stories, the script has a very close relationship with staging relatives. The staging relatives referred to here are the director, performer, artistic director, or producer, or staging committee.

A script also has a relationship with the production team or stage committee because they are in charge of taking care of everything related to the needs of the stage. The producer acts as an interpreter who chooses which texts are considered good to be staged. The scripts are then submitted to the director. Besides, to facilitate the running of activities, the producer also must take care of all the necessary facilities, such as the availability of a staging building that meets the requirements, a smooth licensing process, the necessary accommodation, even if possible providing consumption for staging relatives. To be able to carry out all that well, of course, it takes a lot of funds. For this reason, producers must also be creative in exploring sources of funds, both from group cash, voluntary contributions, and seeking donors and sponsors. Thus, the task of the producer here is more administrative.

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