Home Feng Shui Tips For Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of home feng shui. Various elements of the house around it need to be considered to create a comfortable and balanced atmosphere for the kitchen. You also need the help of professionals from consolidated plumbing to make sure the drains in the kitchen are installed properly.

A complete house always has a clean and comfortable kitchen that will determine the welfare of the residents of the house. In this case, kitchen feng shui can help determine the location of the kitchen, arrange furniture, and balance other natural elements around the kitchen. If you want to make home feng shui and want a kitchen that is comfortable and reliable, consider the following tips and apply them to your kitchen.

1. Pay attention to the elements of water and fire
The elements of water and fire are always a concern in feng shui. In the arrangement of the kitchen, the elements of water and fire should not be the opposite. So, if there is a stove on one side, do not place the water faucet on the side opposite the stove. The placement of the water faucet would be better if it was positioned next to it or on the side next to it. The opposite elements of water and fire will cause strife in the household and can cause household disharmony.

2. Pay Attention to Waterways
Waterways in the feng shui of the house should also be considered. There are times when you need to make a drain that goes through the wall. One thing you need to pay attention to is that the drain should not be passed under the stove. In the science of feng shui, the water channel that passes under the stove will cause a split in positive and negative energy. One solution is to pass the waterline through the wall and the top of the stove or it can be circular on the other side.

3. Pay attention to the location of the bathroom
The location of the bathroom is also very influential on the kitchen. Most homes have a bathroom adjacent to the bathroom. to work around this, the bathroom door should not be faced directly into the kitchen. We recommend that between the bathroom and the kitchen was given a little bulkhead or direct the door in the other direction and not facing directly into the kitchen. In the science of feng shui, the bathroom is the center of the gathering of negative energy. If negative energy is directed directly into the kitchen, this can affect the health of the occupants of the house.

4. Location of the Window/Light Source
The location of the window should also be considered. The direction of light is the direction of entry for positive energy. Therefore, the kitchen should also have a maximum light source so that the positive energy that enters can also be maximized.

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