Hallucinogenic Plants

The use of hallucinogens is not only widespread in the modern world with magic mushroom. In ancient times, in ancient culture, ancient people used coca leaves (Erythroxylum coca) to betel nuts (Areca catechu) to mix traditional medicines that were considered effective. Koka is a native plant in northwestern South America. This plant plays an important role in the traditional Andean culture. Coca leaves contain a cocaine alkaloid, the basis for making cocaine (a type of narcotics), which is a powerful stimulant. In India, people often use nutmeg as aphrodisiacs. While the Mayans consume finely ground coca leaves to enter the world of delusion, where happy thoughts are easily lost. While the Native Americans use Peyote (lophophora williamsii), it is a desert plant that is known for being able to ignite strong hallucinations. This type of cactus comes from the Chihuahuan Desert, precisely in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, and in the south of Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Between the years 8,000 to 2000 BC, the drugs used in North America mostly contained these plants – and were quite popular among indigenous people. It is said that during the Civil War, soldiers in Texas often drank peyote tea before the war. This is related to the discovery of a peyote package at a gravesite built in 3000 BC. One of the most amazing facts about peyote is that it is quite easy to prepare for medicine. The leaves are boiled once and will immediately turn into a liquid shaped like tea. However, the side effect of people who consume them is hallucinating. Peyote is small in size with a diameter of less than 12 cm and has a round shape. Dried peyote sticks are often chewed by Indians as medicine and used in religious ceremonies.

Peyote has long been merchandise. This cactus is harvested commercially in Texas, although sales are now limited by the Native American Church (NAC). Within a year, peyote can at least be harvested in the millions. Besides, peyote is a plant that is commonly used in alkaloid plants that produce more than 50 chemical compounds. Medications containing peyote have several effects after taking them. Someone who eats it in small amounts will feel energized, whereas if consumed in large quantities will cause nausea for several hours.

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