Get to Know the Air Compressor

A air compressor for your garage is a mechanical machine that functions to compress gas fluid or increase air pressure. Compressors usually use a diesel engine/gasoline engine or an electric motor as their driving force. The air produced from the compressor has different pressures, depending on the BAR specifications that the compressor itself has. The compressed air is usually used for filling tire air, cleaning equipment/tools, air grinding, painting with spray/airbrush techniques, medical (oil-free Compressor), and so on.

This tool can also function in pneumatic systems. In contrast to hydraulic systems that use oil fluid as a mechanical drive, this pneumatic system uses air pressure to move the working cylinder which converts the air pressure into mechanical power (movement back and forth on the cylinder). The birth of the working principle of the compressor is inspired by the human respiratory system, namely the lung work system invented by a scientist named Otto von Guiricke in 1650. This working principle is taken when humans take a deep breath to blow out a candle flame, it will increase air pressure. in the lungs, resulting in compressed air which is then exhaled to blow out the candle flame.

Does your compressor need to be moved? If you are transporting an air compressor between locations, a portable unit is a good choice. The small, lightweight unit can still generate energy, but in a compact package. While they won’t be as powerful as larger units, portable compressors can be ideal for smaller construction projects. Certain units can even be plugged into a car power adapter to fuel an airbrush painting tool or a tire inflation kit!

There are various additions and add-ons that you can use with different types of air compressors. For example, multiple couplers or air hose splitters that allow you to connect multiple devices to your air compressor, so you don’t have to plug in and disconnect when you are doing different tasks. An air compressor with added thermal protection can track internal heating and stop motor damage if the engine is overloaded.

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