Get to know Chakras, Human Energy Centers

Chakras are seven energy centers strategically distributed throughout the body. They are responsible for managing your health as well as having an emotional and spiritual impact. If you don’t have a good, coherent, and generous lifestyle, it’s hard to find balance in your life. In fact, it can block energy in oneself. You can try Chakra Healing.

Chakra energy is located from head to back. They are located along the centerline of the body and regulate certain functions and emotions. To improve its function, you can use various techniques, such as music, the smell of essential oils, certain rocks, to color and massage. Objects such as stones can be placed near the body when sleeping or as jewelry. Meanwhile, essential oils can be used by massaging them in the appropriate energy centers. The following are some of the chakras in your body, along with colors and tones that can enhance their function.

1. Root chakra
The root chakra or foundation chakra is located below the body, precisely in the spinal column. This chakra is related to self-confidence. This chakra can be enhanced with a C note, cedar, clove-scented oils, red hues, and rubies and garnets.

2. Sacral chakra
This chakra is located in the sacrum, just above the genital area. This chakra lies with sexuality and creativity. To enhance its function, you can use ylang-ylang oil as well as sandalwood. Also, the tone of the music is D. Also, use orange to help him get better. In addition, using amber and topaz can also improve the function of this chakra.

3. Solar plexus chakra
The solar plexus chakra is located two fingers wide above the navel. It has to do with wisdom. The color that influences it is yellow. This chakra can be awakened with E-pitched music, essential oils scented with lavender, rosemary, and bergamot. The right stone for this is agate.

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