Factors Influence The Speed Of Internet Access

It cannot be denied that the advances in technology today are growing very rapidly. This can be proven by the many innovations that have been made in this world. From the simple to the horrendous world. The technology development is an important matter for human life today. The internet is one of the products of technology development but not many people know what affects the speed of internet access. To ensure that you can always access the internet, especially when you are at home or office, it can be a good idea to find cable installation company that doesn’t only come at an affordable price but also the one that is suitable for your needs.

Internet access speed is the same as the data transfer access speed. In the field of telecommunications and computers, the speed of data transfer is the amount of data in bits that pass through a particular medium in one second. Many factors influence the speed of internet access. An internet connection uses many devices from different service providers. The factors that influence the speed of internet access are:

1. Computer Unit
Computers play a role in the speed of internet access because in the computer there is a hard drive, RAM, and Processor that plays an important role in the work process of the computer

2. Modem
Modems also greatly affect the speed of internet access. Modems have different speeds. Modems that are often used are 56 kbps speed modems.

3. Communication Networks used for Internet Access.
To access the internet we can use line telephone, CDMA, GPRS and satellite services. Each of these services has different speeds. The lowest speed is to use a telephone line.

4. Large Bandwidth
Bandwidth is the area or width of the frequency range used by the signal in the transmission medium. Bandwidth is usually measured in Hertz units. The greater the bandwidth provided by the ISP, the faster the internet access will be.

5. The number of users accessing the server simultaneously
Internet access speeds at certain hours are usually very slow, this is due to the large number of internet users who access the internet. For that reason, if it is not urgent, it is better to access the internet outside of these hours.

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