Facilities From IPTV

IPTV system providers implement Quality of Service (QoS) which prioritizes video stream data to prevent delays or interruptions of IPTV broadcast signals. The term IPTV itself is an abbreviation of Internet Protocol Television. IPTV can serve two-way television broadcasts, through high-speed internet networks, without using broadcast frequencies. The facilities that are the advantages of iptv canada include:

1. TV with a local personal video recorder or Local PVR (Personal Video Recorder).
IPTV services allow subscribers to be able to watch television broadcasts with excellent picture and sound quality because IPTV can send images up to high definition quality as long as it is supported by the network and devices owned by the subscriber. Not only is a clear picture, but the PVR facility also allows customers to record, pause, fast forward, and slow-motion television broadcasts that have been purchased.

2. Content on Demand
IPTV services make it possible for the subscriber to choose certain content that he wants to enjoy. The content that can be selected is generally in the form of Hollywood films, festival films, music, television series, and others. Subscribers don’t have to wait for showtimes to enjoy this content.

3. Pre-Delivered Content on Demand
The content sent by the IPTV service provider can be stored in advance into the storage media on the subscriber’s network for later enjoyment by the customer. Subscribers can pause, fast-forward, and slow-motion the content.

4. Hybrid: Online and Off-air Delivery
The various facilities described above can be used by service providers to achieve maximum profit. IPTV is not an ordinary TV and not cable TV, therefore the policies issued by the government must be appropriate so that the IPTV business climate can develop and benefit all telecommunications components, namely operators, communities, and regulators themselves. IPTV subscribers can enjoy online and off-air content. The content delivery system on IPTV can accommodate this.

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