Email Function For Daily Activities, Easy And Many Benefits

Very often, when we register on a social media platform or website we will receive an incoming email in the form of email verification Well, this is one of the functions of email, but not many people know the function of email. In fact, by knowing the function of the e-mail you can make the most of its presence. Email is an electronic mail that is used as a means to send and receive messages in digital format.

– Send and Receive Messages

The first and most common email function is useful for sending and receiving email from others wherever they are. The message can be sent to the destination in a very fast time, even in just seconds.

However, to be able to feel the speed of sending messages using email, you need a fast internet connection. This is necessary for either the sender or recipient of the email.

By email, you can send various types of digital files and documents with certain predetermined sizes, be it photos, videos, text, and so forth. To send all of this via email, you can use or add it in an attachment to the email.

– Useful for Registering Yourself on Social Media

The next email function is to register yourself if you want to join some of the existing social media. Yes, most social media services or websites almost all require user email to be able to activate on the website.

For example, for social media sites, e-commerce sites, online games, forum sites, and various other services that require you to register an account using email.

– As Self Identity

Another function of the email is self-identification. Yes, this is because where all internet access uses personal data. So if you are active in cyberspace, then your identity on the internet where other people can contact email users through their email addresses.

For some people also the use of e-mail has become an obligation. Because email is often an absolute requirement for the process of activating various digital services such as for smartphone activation, for activation of mail subscription services, and so on.

So no wonder, your identity can be known through digital because you already have this email account.

– Email as a Marketing Media

Not the last email function, but this one can also be used for online marketing. Most online businesses do marketing via email to increase sales.

This e-mail marketing is one of the oldest online marketing. But until now email marketing is still included in the type of online marketing that is very effective.

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