Elex II Review – A Wacky, Wild, and Wonderful Ride

Prepare to enter the post-apocalyptic Magellan universe once more with Elex II, the newest Action RPG game from Piranha Bytes. And I can assure you that it’s a wild journey.

The player again assumes the character of Jax as the game begins where the original one left off. Jax is on a quest to defeat the evil Albs this time, aiming to subjugate humanity and rule the globe with an iron fist. You must assemble allies, refine your abilities, and engage the Albs in a titanic battle.

Your initial impression of Elex II will be its absurd sense of humor. However, with characters constantly spitting out amusing one-liners and ridiculous speeches, the game needs to take itself more seriously. Also, there are many unique and unusual animals around the globe, ranging from psychic dolphins to enormous mutant snails.

Despite the game’s humorous tone, Elex II is a challenging game that will test your abilities and planning. You have a range of weapons and spells at your disposal, and the combat is quick-paced and demands careful planning. You will also need to constantly adapt to stay one step ahead of the competition because you can upgrade your skills and equipment.

Elex II’s open-world layout is one of its best qualities. This enormous game has several locations to discover and mysteries to learn about. In addition, with numerous factions to support or oppose, the game has a lot of replay value.

Several things could be improved with Elex II. For example, the voice acting is inconsistent, and the graphics are occasionally shaky. Also, the game’s difficulty level may be too challenging for some players.

Yet, Elex II is an all-around thrilling experience guaranteed to please lovers of post-apocalyptic games. Moreover, it’s a game that’s challenging to put down because of its absurd humor, brutal combat, and open-world layout. So grab your jetpack, stock up on ammunition, and prepare for an intergalactic voyage.

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