Effective Recruitment

Recruitment is the process of accepting an employee for a job or position. Depending on the size and culture of the company, the employee recruitment process can also be carried out by a human resource management consultant or dallas recruiting agency that specializes in this field.

First, we will help plan and predict jobs, the intention is to assist in the process of determining the position to be filled in the company and how to fill it. The most common personnel planning approaches involve the use of simple techniques such as ratio analysis or trend analysis. Trend analysis is the study of past job requirements in a company over the years to predict future needs. Ratio analysis is predicting to determine future staffing needs by using ratios in between, for example, sales volume and number of employees required.

Second, after assuming to fill a position is to conduct a job description analysis (job analysis) and develop several applicants for a particular position, including the required requirements and start looking for candidates in existing channels or connections. For example, If only two candidates are applying for two vacancies, then you have little choice but to hire them. However, when 10 or 20 applicants appear, you can use techniques such as interviews and exams to screen out the best of them all.

Effective hiring is becoming increasingly important because recruiting is more complex than one might think. This activity does not only involve the placement of vacancies or outsourcing agents. First of all, recruitment efforts must be by the company’s strategic plan. Second, choose a recruitment method that is better than the others. The most important thing in recruiting (and HR planning in general) is to be internally consistent and in line with company strategy.

Third, we will analyze whether the preferred candidate source is better than internal or external. Filling vacant positions with internal candidates does have many advantages, namely internal candidates are more committed to the company, and better understand and know the strengths and weaknesses of candidates. However, hiring internally also has its drawbacks. That is, they don’t always get the candidates they need internally and sometimes they don’t want to either.

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