Drinking Water Supply System

Water is one element of the environment that is needed by humans, animals, and plants. Without the presence of water then we will be difficult to sustain life on this earth. If you want to make water supply in your home, contact boiler installations from canterburypipesmartplumbers.co.uk.

Type of water supply in the building divided into two: Provision of cold drinking water and hot drinking water supply. There are three systems of drinking water supply system in a building

a. Direct connection system
The direct connection system is a system where the distribution pipeline revival buildings directly connected to the branch pipes of the water supply system collectively / piping system. Because of the limited water pressure in the distribution pipe, then the system can only be for small building or building a house up to two floors. In general, the water sources that used in this system is the water that comes from a branch pipe water supply system collectively.

b. Press tank system
Typically these systems are used when water will get into the building, streaming, using a pump. The working principle of this system can be described as water from the well or who have been accommodated in the bottom of the tank is pumped into a vessel (tank) is closed so that the water that is inside the enclosed tank in a compressed state. Water from the closed tank flowed into the distribution system of the building. The pump automatic works regulated by a pressure detector which closes / opens the switch electric motor driving the pump. The pump stops working if the pressure in the tank has reached a maximum limit set and work back after the pressure in the tank reaches a specified minimum limit.

c. Roof tank system
If the system is a direct line by a variety of things can not be applied, it can be applied to the roof tank system. In this system, the water stored in advance on the bottom tank and then pumped to a top tank. The top tank can be stored on the roof of the tank or in the highest building and also can be a water tower. In general, the water sources that used in this system is water from the reservoir bottom (which can source from taps or wells or from taps and wells).

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