Don’t Be Fooled, Not All Ovens Are Equal!

There are various types of ovens available in the market. Some of them are made of brick, stone, clay, and metal with fuels such as wood, coal, natural gas, or the most modern using electricity. Microwave Oven is a type of oven that uses microwave radiation to heat food, usually having a frequency of 2,450 MHz and a wavelength of about 12.24 cm. Water, sugar, and fat molecules in food can absorb these microwaves. When you use a baking oven, sometimes there is a part of the cake that is raw on the inside but the oven is baking on the outside. Well, you will not encounter this again when using a convection oven. It will be very different if you use a Combi Oven.

The function of the combi oven is adapted to the combination of the embedded machines. But in general, combi ovens that are often found in the market are combi ovens with roasting and proofing functions. In addition, the presence of a combi oven can also optimize the use of space. In some types, combi ovens are even combined with a steam function. That way, apart from being used for baking, this oven can also be used for steaming.

The existence of toaster technology in convection ovens, allows this oven to operate at lower temperatures, but in a shorter time. Therefore, the roasting time can be faster with better quality. With embedded fan technology, convection ovens can cut energy use (gas or electricity) and speed up your production time by up to 25%. Air circulation technology in the convection oven can ripen bread and cakes without spoiling the taste. In puff pastry (pastry skin), the convection oven will ripen all parts of the bread without drying the flour and butter. The results of the roast become crispy without destroying the taste of the bread. Convection ovens are suitable for making dry and crispy cakes such as puff pastry, croissants, and danish. Even if placed on different racks, the cake will cook more evenly. You can see this in real terms in pastries and pies.

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