Do You Know These Common Meat Grinder Types On The Market?

In the culinary industry, meat grinding machines are commonly used to smooth various kinds of meat to make processing easier. Meat grinding machines are usually used by entrepreneurs whose businesses are engaged in restaurants, hotels, and other culinary delights. With the aim that the resulting processed meat is softer and can be shaped according to market tastes. When processed meat can be shaped according to taste. Like meatballs, sausages, and frozen food, of course, the resulting selling value could be higher. Basically, the working principle of this meat grinder rests on the rotational speed of the motor that is in the engine. To produce meat with optimal tenderness. When the desired level of the tenderness of the meat is met, of course, the resulting taste is also in line with expectations. Aside from that, if you love to use the Hobart meat grinder but its blades are damaged, you definitely need to find some replacement Hobart meat grinder blades on a reliable online store that offers the best meat grinder parts.

Get to know several types of meat grinding machines on the market

Household Meat Grinder

This machine, for the meatball business, is arguably the smallest machine of a meat grinder. Home machines are only capable of grinding meat with a small capacity.

This machine has the advantage of being portable, making it easy to move because it is only 4 kilograms in size. In addition, it has the advantage of being able to produce sausages and has a low power supply of only 200 watts.

The price is cheaper than other meat grinding machines.

Meat Grinder WFM Series

The machine is capable of grinding meat from a capacity of 14 kg to 28.44 kg depending on the type of machine. This machine for the meatball business is specially designed to mash meat faster and smoother.

The advantage of this machine is to produce hygienic mashed meat because the material used is stainless steel. So it doesn’t get rust easily and doesn’t leave brass stains on food.

Taiwan Meat Grinder

If your meatball business is on a larger scale, you can use a Taiwanese meat grinder machine. Because this machine besides having a solid body it also has 4 knives, 4 filters, and an on-off reverse switch. The milling capacity of the machine reaches 200 kg per hour.

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