Custom Engagement Rings Recommendation for Your Fiance

Engagement is one of the sacred events besides marriage. Thus, the existence of the most beautiful engagement ring in the event has become an obligation. In this article, we will discuss some recommendations for custom engagement rings that you can consider for a happy occasion.

1. Rose Gold Gem Ring
This first custom engagement ring recommendation has a mix of models that are elegant, and charming but still simple. Made of rose gold, this engagement ring has a very beautiful blend on the ring finger of the woman.

The women’s ring has three gems as its throne in the middle of the ring. The presence of rose gold and glossy finish on this engagement ring gives it a luxurious shine.

2. Snowflake Jewel Ring
This most beautiful custom engagement ring is suitable for those of you who like a unique but still beautiful look. The gem in the center of the ring looks like a snowflake.

The presence of gems such as snowflakes on women’s and men’s rings gives a beautiful harmonious impression. Moreover, the addition of small gems that surround the women’s ring band adds to the sweetness of this ring model.

3. Leaf-Print Ring
This beautiful leaf-print ring has leaf-shaped gems on the ring band making it look simple yet luxurious.

The combination of rose gold on the inside of the women’s ring gives a unique and beautiful impression that adds to the plus value of this engagement ring. Meanwhile, a men’s ring that is so simple is the perfect complement.

4. Braided Custom Engagement Rings
The braided design on this engagement ring gives a sweet yet elegant impression. The presence of mini gems on the band of women’s rings also makes it more luxurious and classy.

Even though the men’s ring does not have gems, the combination of freedom and glossy finishing also makes it look luxurious and classy.

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