Computer Vision In Many Field

Computer vision has a relationship with the field of mathematics. especially in the statistics, geometry, and optimization sections. Sections in mathematics are closely related to computers. This is related to the speed of data processing so that it does not take a long time. Surely the invention of computer vision algorithms has benefits that will be very useful for mankind not only in mathematics. The following is an example of applying computer vision by field.

– Field of Artificial Intelligence. Of course, the use of computer vision is a method that approximates the creation of artificial intelligence. The implementation itself has happened quite a lot at this time, namely the formation of a robot, absent fingerprints, photo scans, and other things. With this artificial intelligence, it is hoped that it can help more people in their daily lives, especially in terms of convenience.

– Industry. Currently in the field of industry feel the benefits of computer development. A clear example of the benefits of computers in industry is the use of machines in the manufacture of industrial goods such as cars, motorcycles, and other goods. In addition, the use of computer vision can also make the computer can sort an item.

– Vehicle Field. The use of computer vision in vehicles is now starting to be used. An example is when parking. For vehicles made in the last 5 years, a sensor device has been installed which is used when parking. So you can tell when reversing the car whether there is a hard object in front or not. If the car approaches a hard object, the alarm will sound even louder. Likewise on airplanes. Some aircraft used in the world today are already using an autopilot system. That is, the plane can “move” in the air without its plot controlling the plane. In addition, the navigation system used on aircraft also uses this computer system.

– Medical field. The use of X-Ray, Ultrasonic images, and also tomography images are examples of computer vision interference. With these tools, doctors can now find out what diseases are in the human body without having to dissect the body.

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