Cleaning Fur Carpet

With its unusual material, it is natural for most people to think that fur carpets are very difficult to clean. There are ways to clean fur carpets without using carpet care specialists but with only ingredients in the kitchen. Besides being comfortable to use, the unique appearance of the fur rug can bring a luxurious atmosphere to a room. Unfortunately, the material used by this type of carpet is more prone to piles of dust and dirt. However, of course, you have to clean it so that the appearance of this carpet still looks prime.

Cleaning the fur carpet by vacuuming it is enough for daily care. In addition, you can also use a soft brush to get rid of the stuck dust. In order not to get damp, you should also consider drying it. However, make sure not to dry the fur rug in an indiscriminate place, namely in an area that is not exposed to dirty air and dust. Some people feel that just vacuuming is not enough to clean this type of carpet.

If you also feel that way, use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust and dirt that sticks. However, you can’t just use this tool because fur rugs have a more sensitive material than ordinary carpets. Therefore, cover the vacuum cleaner with cheesecloth or lint-free beforehand to keep the hairs on the carpet soft. Also, make sure to clean the underside of the carpet too. Have trouble cleaning the stains on the fur carpet? Immediately visit the bathroom and kitchen and collect detergent, vinegar, and water. After mixing everything, pour the liquid little by little and rub gently with a soft brush until stubborn stains disappear.

Sometimes, animal odors and cigarette smoke can stick to the fur carpet. To overcome this one problem, you can use baby powder, you know. Just sprinkle baby powder on the surface of the carpet and wipe with your hands until evenly distributed. After that, let stand for a few moments until the baby powder absorbs all the smell. Finally, use a vacuum cleaner that has been lined with cheesecloth to clean the rest of the powder sprinkles. The unpleasant smell on the carpet will disappear instantly.

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