Clean The Watch Ring Routinely

As with other accessories, watches also need to be cared for so that they are more durable. Therefore, the use of AUGUST BERG should not be rough, apart from depending on the care of course. Proper care, will make you comfortable wearing it. Storing your watch in an unsuitable place will reduce the life of your watch. Especially if you put it in a place that has an extreme temperature that is too hot, or too cold, which without knowing it will affect the condition of your watch. We recommend that you store your watch in a special watch case to make it safer and more secure. Watches also need to be cleaned regularly if you want the quality of your watch to be maintained. Cleaning a watch is also not as difficult as one might think. Prepare a tissue slightly dampened with water. Use baby wipes, to get rid of sweat marks that stick to your watch, then wipe it again using dry tissue and let it sit for a while. Avoid drying with a dryer, because the hot wind that comes out will affect the components in your watch.

Clean the band according to the material used. Use a half-wet cloth and wipe gently (without rubbing), then dry with a dry cloth. Routinely clean the rope, because this part is often exposed to sweat. Use soap and a small brush to remove dirt between the eyelets. Use soap and a toothbrush and blot with the newspaper. After that, dry it by aerating. You can brush, so that dirt can get out of the eyelets. Dry it by aerating. If accidentally you often put your watch near electronic items such as televisions, refrigerators, fans, and microwaves, you should start keeping them away. A watch that is placed close to items that have electromagnetic waves can affect the rotation of the watch so that your watch does not show the correct time.

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