Check The Following On The Car When Traveling Long Distances

The excellent condition of the vehicle will bring a sense of security when traveling long distances. It is important to check the condition of the vehicle to anticipate long trips or to prepare the car before going out of town or for a very sudden trip. You can imagine how difficult it would be if in the middle of the trip the car engine suddenly broke down or the simplest tire was leaking. Get services from mobile tyre fitting london for easy and safe 24-hour car changes.

So that the trip feels comfortable, the following tips on checking the condition of the car are worth following. These tips can be done alone and without having to go to an automotive repair shop. The car preparation checks before the long trip are:

Check engine oil, Make sure the engine oil volume is sufficient. How to check the engine oil volume by checking the level on the oil stick. Look at the oil limit sticking to the stick. The oil level should be on the line between the “L” and “F” marks and should be slightly below the “F” level line, if not enough add enough.

Check radiator water and water reservoir, Radiator water is full. Meanwhile, the water reservoir reaches the level limit or does not need to be too full. Also, check the condition of the radiator hose and the connecting hose to the reservoir. If you find a swollen or cracked hose, it should be replaced.

Check the fan rotation Cooling, If the fan is rotated by the belt, then check the physical condition of the belt. If the belt has cracked, it is worth replacing. Also, check the tension belt tension so that the fan rotation can be optimal. When the fan is rotated by the electric motor, the condition of the electric motor is still good and feasible.

How to check the cooling of the car engine by the engine fan running normally is to pay attention to the temperature pointer. If it exceeds the centerline it means the engine is hot enough but still safe, if more than half you should stop, wait until the car engine cools down. Next check the condition of the cooling water and fan.

Timing Belt, Timing belt replacement is based on the kilometer mileage indicator on the car’s speedometer. If the timing belt has been used for 50,000 km, immediately replace it with a new one even though there is no damage because the manufacturer recommends using it longer.

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