Cement And Cork Tiles Are Quite Unique For Your Kitchen

Cement kitchen tile floors are at the top of today’s list of trends. This is not common but is gaining in popularity thanks to all the design options and overall look that works even in minimalist kitchens. The beautiful gray and white pattern of Grenada Tile is a remarkable example. Cement tiles have a finer appearance than cast concrete and are more adaptable when it comes to style. This tile is environmentally friendly because it is made from natural materials and is not heated in a furnace. However, if you wish to check out other types of tiles, we suggest you go to a store that sells tiles portsmouth.

Some features of cement tiles can be a weakness. Unlike ceramic tiles whose glossy surface is Invulnerable after being heated at high temperatures in the kiln. Cement tiles are kept at room temperature, not burned, and the colored layer above, usually about eight inches thick, is porous.

In addition, the porous nature of this tile makes it easily stained and scratched, which means that regular resealing is a must. In terms of cost, cement floor tiles are more expensive and require professional installation, which is also not cheap.

On the other hand, perhaps the more unusual choice for kitchen floor tiles, cork has many advantages over other floor tiles, especially the warm, soft look that is what they bring to the room. Pamela Pennington Studio’s kitchen, for example, has a cork floor and is quite sleek, yet warm and welcoming. One of the main reasons people choose cork tiles is the feeling of excitement they experience. Soft and warm, they are more comfortable on the feet than other harder surface tiles. The nature of cork also makes it a great insulator for temperature and also sound, absorbing a lot of noise.

As with kitchen floor tiles, there are also disadvantages to cork kitchen floor tiles. The same features that make it very pleasant to walk on it and the same features that make it less durable. It can get scratched or dented, and standing water can damage tiles, although proper sealing and care will help guard against water stains. With regard to costs, cork tiles can be compared to other floors such as ceramic or hardwood.

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