Beware These Lip Balm That Can Damage the Lips

The problem of dry lips many women face. Because fluid intake is reduced, the body automatically shows the initial stages of dehydration. What can be clearly felt is on dry and chapped lips. Then, how to overcome it? In addition to increasing fluid intake, you also need outside care to keep your lips moisturized. One way is to use lip balm or lip gloss. To get a safe lip gloss, you can make your own lipgloss.

There are many types of lip balms on the market with various types of brands. But apparently, not all lip balm is safe to use for your lips, you know. You must be good at choosing the right type of lip balm to deal with the problem of dry lips. One choose the type of lip balm that can actually damage the lips so that the problem of dry and chapped lips is getting worse.

The following are some lip balm ingredients that you should pay attention to so as not to damage the lips:

1. Aroma
The type of lip balm on the market has a fresh aroma. Even so, quite a lot of people who show allergic reactions to the scent on the lip balm without them knowing. For example, the lips feel itchy or peeling. Diane Madfes revealed that some types of lip balm use cinnamon to add aroma. Meanwhile, not everyone is compatible with cinnamon so that it can make it dry even more.

2. Phenol or Menthol?
It is true that menthol lip balms can have a cool effect on the lips. But make no mistake, that cold is not the effect of healing. Lauren E. Ploch MD, from the Georgia Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center recommends avoiding lip balm products that contain phenols and menthol. According to him, lip balm with this ingredient in it can irritate and make the lips more sensitive.

3. Vitamin E
Dermatologists have a different view in advising the use of Vitamin E for skincare, especially the lips. There are some people who have natural Vitamin E allergies. But in a 20-year study of patients at the Arizona Mayo Clinic, it was found that allergies to one type of vitamin were very rare.

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