Best Characters Need Best Scripts To Achieve Good Performance

All the characters in a story want something. This can be revenge for the death of a loved one, a society or solve the mystery of the matrix. This “desire” in acting terms is known as the character’s “goal”.Drama scripts for college define with the actor what that is. The main character line is structured just as his story is broken down into scenes, and every situation requires a scene objective. Without a strong intention to enter a scene, a character has no dramatic reason to be there, so you need to make sure the actor has a clear idea of his goal: what do the characters in that scene want from each other? For example, Neo from The Matrix wants the truth about the question “What is the Matrix? The Subjective: The subjective is the reason the characters want to achieve their goal.

The drama scripts for college subjective increases the stakes in a scene and fills the actor with a desperate “need” to find what he is looking for. Without a subjective “reason” there is no reason and therefore the scene lacks drama. Imagine a scene where a boxer is fighting in the ring. His goal is to take out his opponent, but that in itself is boring for the audience and the actor. However, if the subjective (why) is that your newborn is dying and the lifesaving surgery prize is paid, then everything changes and the stakes in the scene are high. The more they need it, the more emotions it will evoke in the actor trying to achieve it. The so-called “stocks”. This is what the character must actually “do” in order to achieve the goal. If you were to break your character’s story down into its smallest moments, it would include a list of verbs: study the facts, ask questions, spy on his enemy, hold onto his wife, etc. If the actor is genuinely committed to these specific actions in order to achieve his goal, then he has a reason for everything he does, which in turn ensures the fluidity of the physical, emotional, intellectual and aesthetic life of the performance.

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