Be Careful In Disposing Kitchen Leftovers

In everyday life, many people do not understand the importance of processing and draining household wastewater like the best plumbers in San Diego does. Why should we understand how important it is to treat and drain waste water? Because usually, household wastewater contains chemicals and high-temperature kitchen dishes. As a result, the pipes flowing with the residual wastewater will be vulnerable so that they are quickly damaged and can cause fatal leaks in the house. Therefore, it’s a good idea to be careful when disposing of leftover water from kitchen preparations.

For this reason, it is necessary to be careful in choosing and planning a piping system at home, both for clean water and distribution of kitchen wastewater, where most people use PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) pipes to drain their daily water. PVC pipe will not decrease in strength if the residual water from the kitchen has been treated properly, such as if the temperature is too high more than 60°C then wait for it to cool down first and if the waste water is oily it must be treated first using a grease trap.

The right solution to overcome the above is to choose a plastic pipe made from polypropylene because its properties that are resistant to high temperatures, resistant chemicals, and grease do not stick to the pipe. The maximum temperature that can be accepted by polypropylene pipes is 90°C and can withstand chemicals that have a pH of 2 – pH 12. Therefore, this type of pipe is very suitable for the needs of sewerage in today’s residential areas where the intensity of hot water usage is high. and the residual fat is high.

From some of the points above, it can be concluded that the community should have started to be observant and sensitive in the use of pipes that will be used to drain wastewater. If you already understand and know very well the use of pipes, then comfort will appear in your home.

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