Artist and Creative People Begin To Use Video Mapping To Create Magnificent Visual Video

With this advanced technology of Video Mapping, artists and creative people began to mix the mapping with video and other beauties to produce video mapping. The process of making this video mapping consists of recording, indexing, and reviewing. The first process is recording or recording audio and visuals so that they are registered geographically or geo-registered. The data is taken from GPS satellites then converted to a video camera. So that each GPS satellite captures data at the same time, the video camera also captures it.

Then the second is indexing, the image captured by the camera is connected to the computer by converting it first into digital form. The last stage is a review where the indexed database can be accessed audio and visually. Then the operators or Video Mappingdesigners can enter the video that has been prepared to be applied to the projector. Video Mapping designers can use MadMapper, HeavyM, and other software.

As one of the stunning and innovative lighting techniques, video mapping can serve as a message loader, or story. Because video mapping can present more stories than billboards, bigger than a tv screen, more impressive than print media, then video mapping will attract more public attention and be effective for use in the realm of advertising and marketing.

Then many also use video mapping purely as entertainment or decoration, like at Disneyland, music concerts, and venues like bars or restaurants. It is possible that in the future video mapping will be more popular and you too can become one of the astute creators in this field. When we have a video mapping concept, the field becomes one of the main factors. Starting from the shape of the field, color, to the location and state of the environment around the field. Sometimes once we have determined it all, we are still confused about the way to measure the sector to be projected later.

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