Advantages And Disadvantages Of Promotional Media Available Today

To be known to more people, a business must promote vigorously. For effective promotion, it takes the right media and learn more about King Kong marketing agency. There are various promotional media that can be used to introduce products to many people. To determine which one is the most suitable for you, first know the advantages and disadvantages of currently available promotional media.

Print media

Print media is a very widely used promotional media before social media became more popular. Examples of print media are newspapers, magazines, and tabloids. Print media is produced by media companies and distributed to various places. For many people to buy print media, the content must be informative and useful for readers.

Electronic Media
In addition to print media, there are also promotional media in the form of electronic media. There are at least two types of electronic media that are commonly used as promotional media, namely television and radio.
The advantage of television is that it can display text, images, audio, and video at the same time. Television media is also very popular because almost all homes have it. People can watch television without paying. The drawback is that product advertisements can only be seen when they are broadcast and the cost of promotion through television is quite expensive.

Meanwhile, radio as a promotional medium is also quite effective because it can reach all circles. Radio is more focused on promotion through audio. The drawback is that product images cannot be displayed.

Online media
The type of promotional media that is growing at this time is online media. There are at least two types of media to advertise online, namely online news sites and social media.

Online news sites have the character of print media, only that they are distributed through the internet. The advantage of online news sites as promotional media is that they can be accessed by more people as long as they are connected to the internet network. However, advertising in online mass media must be careful because not all visitors to the site are the right promotion targets.

Outdoor Promotion Media
Other types of promotional media are outdoor media such as billboards, banners, billboards, posters, or banners. This media is printed first and then installed in strategic places. The advantage of outdoor media is that it can reach people easily. Anyone passing by can see your product ad.

The drawback, the range is only limited to certain places. You have to make sure the location of the promotional media is right. In addition, this media can only use text and images.

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of these promotional media, have you determined which choice is the most appropriate for your product?

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