A Variety of Beautiful Spaces in a Minimalist Garden

A minimalist garden can seem boring for some people. On the other hand, many also think that a minimalist garden is a simple, stylish landscape design to be copied in the yard of their house. In general, making a minimalist garden is not difficult. When referring to interior design rules, minimalist gardens are usually characterized by hard landscape materials combined with firm designs and simple lines. A minimalist impression must be created with a barrier between one another. Especially in terms of color selection, use neutral colors without any paint that displays a natural texture. Limiting the amount of hardscape material, as well as the variety of colors, is the key to successfully creating a garden with a clean and simple impression. Meanwhile, the floor application must also be considered carefully. For example, a gray tile floor makes a great backdrop for dark gray details that pop out from chairs, plant containers, and window frames.

Unlike the garden in general, grass in a minimalist garden is an important item that can be created in such an way. Some grass is planted in a certain shape, some are allowed to grow freely. In essence, grass can be a base combined with other natural materials, such as wood and stone. The minimalist garden concept below makes use of neatly trimmed grass to resemble a carpet. You can even use imitation grass if you don’t want to mess around with routine maintenance. Plant needs in a minimalist garden are arguably limited. However, its presence is still needed to give a soft impression to the yard.

Minimalist gardens usually only choose a maximum of three plant species. Of course, this is related to its simple purpose and ease of maintenance. Place the plants in containers according to their respective types. Choose a dark-colored container with a minimalist design. The goal is to present a contemporary, clean, and stylish impression. Accessories such as fountains, mini waterfalls, or fish ponds in one area of ??the garden can provide appeal without looking too much. The key to making a mini waterfall that is eye-catching is to hide the devices (eg cables, pipes, and pumps) so that the water flow looks more natural.

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