6 Safe Crypto Investment Tips

Seeing the fever of Crypto Asset transactions that is sweeping the world, many investors or traders flocked to look for profits. Therefore, Crypto Cash Flow Reviews urges the public to understand several things before transacting.

The first thing to pay attention to is to make sure investors understand correctly what Crypto Assets are and the trading mechanism.

Second, make sure investors become customers of Prospective Crypto Asset Traders who have a registration certificate from CoFTRA.

Third, make sure to invest funds for the types of Crypto Assets that have been set by CoFTRA.

Fourth, make sure the funds used are legally generated surplus funds and not funds used for daily needs.

Fifth, study the risks that may arise and the development of Crypto Asset prices that occur because prices are volatile and risky.

Sixth never believes in promises of fixed or too high profits.

The types of criteria that we have met as Crypto Assets that can be traded in the Crypto Asset Physical Market are as follows:

a. Based on distributed ledger technology

b. In the form of utility crypto assets or asset-backed crypto assets (Crypto Backed Assets)

c. Market capitalization value (market cap) is ranked in the top 500 Crypto Asset market capitalization for utility crypto assets

d. Has economic benefits, such as taxation, growing the informatics industry, and the competence of experts in the field of informatics

e. Already have the results of an assessment using the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method

We have also gone through several layers of surveillance. The first layer of supervision is carried out by the Futures Exchange in the context of monitoring market integrity and the Futures Clearing House in the context of monitoring financial integrity and settlement functions and DvP (delivery versus Payment).

The second layer, namely supervision of the institutional ecosystem of Crypto Asset trading through a real-time monitoring system and reporting system.

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