5 Ways To Use Headset In The Correct And Safe

Listening to your favorite music and audio will indeed be more pronounced when using a headset. Whether it’s a wired headset or a Bluetooth headset. Sometimes, for the best sensation and experience, headphones that dont leak sound are a perfect choice. Adjusting the volume as high as possible to get the maximum sound is the wrong way because it interferes with the health of the ears and hearing.

To stay safe and comfortable when used, here are some ways to use a headset that you need to pay attention to. Especially for you when carrying out daily activities. Starting from working, exercising, and listening to music or playing games as a lifestyle to relieve fatigue.

1. Use the 60/60. Technique
The first is to use the 60/60 technique. In a sense, you should not use a headset to listen to music for more than 60 minutes every day. Then, always use the volume of 60% of the maximum volume. If the sound is more than 85 dB it is the same as the sound of a bulldozer, then if you listen at that volume for 8 hours non-stop, it can cause permanent ear damage slowly.

2. Avoid Use While Sleeping
The second correct way to use a headset is to not wear it while sleeping. Sometimes some people use a headset to listen to music until they fall asleep. It’s quite dangerous. Because the ear will be depressed when receiving sound waves from the earphones. Moreover, the cochlea of ​​the ear is very sensitive to sound waves. When you listen to music while you sleep, your ears don’t ‘work’ either. This is what makes the brain work bigger and makes it less rested and long-term effects cause brain cell damage.

3. Always Check for Cleanliness
The next or how to use the third headset has to do with the cleanliness of the headset itself. So, you should clean the headset regularly, especially on the earpods. That way, the headset will be clean from dirt, germs, and dust that sticks. The trick is to remove the silicone part and clean it using water mixed with soap or alcohol to taste. Then dry and clean again. In areas that cannot be exposed to water, simply wipe with a clean dry cloth or soft toothbrush.

4. Also Keep Ears Clean
Not only the cleanliness of the headset, but ear cleanliness is also important to note. Because using a headset can make the ears clogged with dirt and build up. Clean the ear, simply wipe it on the outside using a cotton bud. Meanwhile, for the inner ear, use ear drops. When the ears are clean, the headset will also be clean and protected from harmful bacteria and germs that interfere with ear health.

5. How to Use a Headset with Safe Sound Limits
The last way to use the headset is to pay attention to the safe limit of the sound. Ideally, the maximum safe sound limit is less than 85 dB. Avoid sounds that reach 95-100 dB directly. Likewise, when watching movies using a headset, usually the sound of horror music or action films reaches the safe limit of the sound. So, don’t listen to music or audio above the average sound limit that has been set to stay safe.

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