4 Unique Facts About the City of Houston!

Houston goes by many names, and it’s no surprise that it continues to grow in size and culture. You can visit this city to know more about it.

There were lots of things about Houston that we started to learn. For example, did you know that Houston has a very diverse community? In 2012, Houston surpassed Los Angeles and New York as the most ethnically diverse metropolitan area in the country.
This is just one of many facts that make Houstonians proud.
Want more? Here are four unique facts about Houston City that you might not know.

1. World’s Largest Medical Center

The Texas Medical Center is located in Houston and contains 54 medicine-related institutions.
The medical center exceeds 1,000 acres and receives an average of 7.2 million visits per year.
That’s more than the population of Los Angeles, Houston, and San Francisco combined.
Also, did you know that more heart surgeries are performed at the Texas Medical Center than anywhere else in the world?

2. It is the fourth most populous city in the country

We know Houston is big, but did you know it was this big?
Houston has approximately 2.3 million residents, making it the largest city in Texas and the South.
Texas’ major city tracks behind New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago when it comes to population.

3. Houston has a system of underground pedestrian tunnels

The tunnel is 20 meters underground and runs for seven miles, connecting 95 city blocks. It originally connected two downtown cinemas but now connects many more, including major city buildings, restaurants, and retail stores – almost like a mini-mall!

4. The country’s first traditional Hindu mandir was built in Houston

Comprised of 33,000 pieces of Italian marble and Turkish limestone, the temple was hand-carved and took 28 months to build.
Not only is it the first temple built in the nation but it is also the largest of its kind in Texas.

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