4 Places At Home That Can Be A Source Of Bacteria

There are several bacteria that are known to cause illness including Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, and Escherichia coli (E. coli). Actually, in your own body, the bacteria live and do not cause disease, but if the body’s system weakens, the bacteria can cause disease http://freshhealthycarpetcleaning.com. The spread of bacteria that can cause you pain occurs through contact (touch) person to person or through the surface of bacteria-contaminated objects. Rug Cleaning Northern Beaches can help you to clean carpets of various sizes and eliminate bacteria from your home.

So, where are the places in your house that are allegedly a place to live or a source of bacteria?

1. Kitchen
More than 75 percent of dishwashing sponges and cloths used to dry hands or washed furniture are Salmonella and E. coli, compared to bathroom faucets where there is only 9 percent of bacteria. Another kitchen furniture that can be a source of bacteria is a cutting board or cutting board, a refrigerator especially in a special section of raw food, a kitchen sink, and a table.

2. Bathroom
Humidity in the bathroom can cause this place to be a source of bacteria. You must pay extra attention to the bathtub, drains, faucets, toilet floors, bath towels, and toothbrushes. You can clean several objects in the bathroom with disinfectant liquid every day and clean the bathroom thoroughly once a week.

3. Dirty clothes piled up
Your dirty clothes can be a source of bacteria before washing, especially if you have a habit of piling up or soaking clothes for a few days and then washing. Germs and bacteria can easily breed in damp environments.

Try to immediately wash your clothes or at least do not leave it for days, besides bacteria, this can cause unpleasant odors. Do not forget to clean the surface and “body” of your washing machine in a few months so as not to become a den of germs. You can also clean the place where you put clothes with disinfectant.

4. Personal items
Every day you actually “bring home” bacteria to your home through bags, shoes, and cellphones. Even according to a survey, cellphones, keys, wallets, money, and lunch boxes are items that contain lots of bacteria.

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