4 Basics Survive To Live In Nature

Adventure in the wild is a good thing you can do to refresh your mind, exercise physical strength, and also get closer to nature. However, the thing to remember, besides bringing many benefits, adventure in the wild also has many risks that can attack at any time. Extreme weather, poisonous plants, wild animal attacks, and getting lost in the forest are just a few examples of the dangers that could come in the way. We can reduce a little dangerous risk if we have enough equipment when going to the wild. Complete your equipment with various survival needs at https://survivalenvy.com.

You also need to know some of the basics of survival in nature that will save you if you face danger while doing activities in the wild.

1. Tell others where you are going, at least the people closest to you
If you already have plans for adventure shortly, try to tell your travel plans to the closest people such as family, friends, or neighbors. Tell important details about the trip you are going to take, such as your adventure destination, when you leave and when you go home, whether you go alone or with a group. If you do not return home on time, for example for reasons of injury or getting lost, someone will know and immediately contact the authorities to send a rescue team.

2. Carry Safety Equipment
Make sure survival equipment such as pocket knives, compasses, and maps are at the top of your luggage. And also make sure you master how to use it properly and correctly. Don’t forget to bring a first aid kit, a backup match, and add water and food. Survival equipment will help you when faced with unwanted conditions, such as getting lost on the way. First aid kits will help you when facing the risk of injury and accidents, while the addition of water and food can extend your breath of life when you have to be stuck in the wild for a longer time.

3. Be careful with wild animals
Inevitably, when adventuring in the wild, we will be neighbors directly with a variety of wild animals. Never try to approach them. Attacks from wild animals such as leopards, panthers, wild boars, and other animals are indeed very rare, but that does not mean impossible. Therefore, try to avoid contact with these animals by always moving away from their territory.

4. Keep Calm and Make a Plan
The panic will come very easily when you and all members of your group begin to realize that they have lost their way. But you need to remember carefully if the important thing to do in such conditions is to try to stay calm. Panic will make you take careless steps that can cause conditions to get worse. Stop the journey, and try to stay calm, so that your mind remains clear to make plans so that you can get out of the situation immediately.

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