Important Tools to Support Disk Cleanup on Your PC

Junk files that often settle on a PC are indeed difficult to clean without an application because of the location of the files that are rarely known. Some of the junk files include temporary files, cache files, registry entries, thumbnails, and other rare or unused files. Some of the tools we recommend can help you perform a disk clean-up to support your PC’s performance for the better.

1. Ashampoo Win Optimizer
This application is able to maintain optimal computer performance. The feature that is often a favorite of its users is the 1-Click Optimization feature. You can use this feature to deeply scan browser leftovers, registry keys, cache files and other junk files and free up hard drive space one feature at a time.

2. AVG PC Tune Up
Computer performance that is getting worse due to files piling up, battery draining easily, and security that has been threatened is indeed worrying. But you don’t need to worry because AVG PC Tune-Up can help you solve these 3 problems in one application. This application can protect the computer from external or internal hazards.

3. Advanced System Optimizer
The Advanced System Optimizer application is able to maintain the health of your computer. The features are very complete, such as system booster and anti-malware, junk files cleaning, etc. The navigation and appearance are neatly arranged.

4. Razer Cortex
This application can perform a booster to clean memory from the garbage that appears while playing games. You can take advantage of the 1-Click feature to facilitate computer maintenance with only one feature. Designed to protect your gaming PC, the Razer Cortex has many gaming-related features, including preferences for the list of games played.

Thanks to the best PC cleaner as described above, you can be more relieved when dealing with the problem of declining computer performance.

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